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About Jonathons Studio


Jonathons Studio is a creative design studio developed out of the immersive personalities of two women and their passion for design and architecture.

Formed to provide a productive outlet for creative and skilled professionals. We continue to educate and research current and future trends, along with developing relationships with industry professions to provide our clients with modern and forward focused designs. From conceptualization to the final outcome, each design process is completely unique and tailored to suit the specific needs of each client.

Interior Design


Product Selection

Creating homes not only pertains to a structure, but how the furnishings, lighting, accessories and soft goods are compiled to formulate the perfect match between client and living. At Jonathons Studio, providing this service plays an integral role in successfully achieving the look and style our clients want.



Design Development

We facilitate the design process beginning with conceptualizing through working drawings. With great understanding of spacial layout, finishes, furnishings and lighting, we coordinate detailed drawings and a specification package tailored to your project needs.



Construction Coordination

We believe in developing lasting relationships and timeless designs. By partnering with industry professionals, we represent our client and their vision through detailed project management and an onsite presence. We can release the daily pressures of construction and allow our client to have confidence through this exciting process.


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